Berlin Schillerpark – a UNESCO site

Photo Catherine Gras

There are several UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Berlin, including a group of six building complexes. What they have in common is their modern architecture. Their construction dates from the beginning of the century to the 1950s, with the majority of them built during the Weimar Republic.

The Schillerpark district dates from the late 1920s and its architect is Bruno Taut.

The principle was to offer as many people as possible modern flats with all the necessary amenities, light and green spaces.

An extension took place in the 1950s, with the same organisation, but more stripped down.

This type of construction is part of the Neuen Bauen or Neue Sachlichkeit movement. Colour is often used to emphasise window frames, certain walls or doors, but this is not the case here, where Bruno Taut works mainly in white and exposed brick and only a few doors are coloured.

Schillerpark is located in Berlin Wedding:

Bruno Taut has built many housing complexes in Berlin, including one in the shape of a horseshoe, which you can find here This site is also listed by UNESCO.

Other UNESCO sites: Weisse Stadt and Siemensstadt

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