Summer series – let’s go to the mountains

refuge et son annexe, Piémont, photo Catherine Gras

After six months of publishing regularly on my blog, I’m taking a little holiday break and I’d like to invite you to visit or revisit some of my posts, a little series to be found every 15 days. Today, the mountains!

I start with the most remote for me: Bhutan, a wonderful little kingdom in the heart of the Himalayas.

Tankas sous la neige, Bouthan, photo Catherine Gras

Then we travel to the heart of the Austrian Tirol:

Vache à l'abreuvoir sur fonds de montagne tyrolienne, photo Catherine Gras

Still in the Alps, we jump the border to go on the GTA, between Italy (Piemont) and France:

région du Mont Cenis, l'orage approche, photo Catherine Gras

A short hop to the Ecrins, Southern Alps, France:

Photo Catherine Gras

And we finish this tour with the Pyrenees, on the trail (GR) that crosses them from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean on the French side.

photo Catherine Gras

See you in 15 days for the next post.

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