Tirol, the eagle’s way

sur l'Adlersweg, photo Catherine Gras

Mountain getaway, August 2020.

Direction Tyrol unless it is Tirol? Both are right, Tirol is the original version, Tyrol the English version.

This mountainous region is mainly located in Austria, the southern Tyrol is part of Italy since the end of the First World War. A legacy of the break-up of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Panneau avec carte Adlersweg, région de Karwendel

The Eagle way, Adlersweg, crosses the Tyrolean Alps on an East/West axis, along its length.

The path connects many small areas with their own characteristics (Kaisergebirge, Karwendel …).

These massifs all have their “personality”, from mountain pasture landscapes with a bit of traditional livestock farming to very mineral areas.

Eng Alm, in Karwendel, a century-old alpine community:

August 2020 was marked by unstable weather on the mountains, rain but also beautiful clearings.

Skimming light at sunset (Rofan)

On the border with Germany, under the Zugspitze, alternating rain, mist and lightning.

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