Mist and clouds in the Pyrenees

photo Catherine Gras

Two hiking trails cross the Pyrenees, linking the Atlantic to the Mediterranean: the Haute Route Pyrénéenne and the GR10.

These photos are from the GR10, a path that is a little easier than the high road and given the weather conditions we encountered there, it was better to be on the GR that year. Even if it is comparatively easier, it is still a trail with high differences in altitude and long stages, and accommodation is quite rare, especially in Ariège.

That year there was a lot of rain and fog. On the bright side, this makes for landscapes that change in a matter of minutes and sometimes dramatic effects.

Lots of herds in the mountain pastures, cows, sheep, horses … and sheepdogs, sometimes a bit aggressive.

The path is not always well marked, you have to be careful, especially when the fog gets in the way and you can no longer see the marks.

Little accommodation but sometimes a good surprise like this camp of tents and yurts from all over the world.

I love the mountains so I’m not objective, but when I see these photos again, I tell myself that it was really beautiful, despite the rain!

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