If you like the Berlin Philharmonic, visit the library designed by Hans Scharoun

Photo Catherine Gras

Hans Scharoun was the architect of the Berlin Philharmonic, a building that is very characteristic in its form and colours.

The Kulturforum district, which at the time was located just a stone’s throw from the Berlin Wall, was the “answer” to the Museum Island, which had become part of the East when the city was divided. The West had to have its own cultural quarter.

Hans Scharoun built the Philharmonie and also a lesser known building, a little less visible, wedged between other buildings, but which is nonetheless worth a visit: the Berlin Staatsbibliothek.

The complex was built between 1967 and 1978, later than the Philharmonie (1960-1963).

A more austere and massive building, but the interior is reminiscent of Hans Scharoun: metal, rounded shapes (maritime influence), light…

If you like Hans Scharoun’s work, I recommend these posts:





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