The Government district, Regierungsviertel, Berlin

Photo Catherine Gras

In a previous post, I told you about the Bundestag. The federal assembly building is located in the heart of a district that was built about twenty years ago. A very modern district, massive architecture, where photo opportunities are numerous, especially on the banks of the Spree.

With the decision to move the federal government from Bonn to Berlin, Germany will have a new district that houses many government buildings including the Chancellery.

The Kanzleramt (Chancellery) is almost opposite the Bundestag, separated by a very large open area of mainly lawn, which allows a view of the various – very imposing – buildings around it.

In addition to the Bundestag and the Kanzleramt, a third building, the Paul Löbe, which houses, among other things, the work of the assembly committees, closes off the northern part of the lawn. This facade lends itself very well to mirroring, both by day and by night.

The government quarter is located in two meanders of the Spree and spans it. The concrete and glass buildings, whether the Paul Löbe building to the north of the Bundestag or the Marie Elisabeth Lüders Parliamentary Library on the opposite bank, are best seen from a boat or from the opposite bank. A multi-storey footbridge connects them.

At night the sight is impressive on both sides of the river:

I find the library most impressive with its huge circular cut-out on the Spree and its raw glass and concrete facades.

A closer look allows, when the lighting lends itself to it, to play on the transparencies, the reflections, the interior and the exterior mingle in the cafeteria of the Paul Löbe building:

To finish this visit, back to the chancellery, more precisely, the back of the building which also overlooks the Spree. There is the Haus der Kulture der Welt to which I dedicated a post

There is a restaurant, café and bar away from the main roads, a place I recommend for a little break in this district. It has the same circular cut-out as the parliamentary library.

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