When electricity was at its high in Berlin: AEG and Osram

Photo Catherine Gras

The more I visit the city, the more I discover industrial buildings built to the glory of electricity, between the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century.

I have already devoted several posts to this industrial past of the city and today I take you to visit three places, two companies: Osram and AEG.

These places are now used for other activities and have been renovated, to be visited if you are in these districts.

The first site I’m taking you to was occupied by the Osram company, a light bulb manufacturer, and then by the Narva company in the days of the GDR. Today this building complex is organised around inner courtyards which I find interesting, this complex dates from before the first world war.

The buildings used to occupy several blocks; today you can walk from courtyard to courtyard. The Warschauer Strasse underground, located right next door, is also worth a look.

Where to find it: https://goo.gl/maps/TCLyxNC4wA9vnLQ78

A second location occupied by the Osram company is now called Osram Höfe. It is located in the Wedding district in the northwest of Berlin. The very large inner courtyard gives an idea of how busy the site was. The brick buildings date from the 1930s.

To go there: https://goo.gl/maps/sn1VxVPQ5bGmKhn68

My third site is even more impressive, it is one of the former AEG company sites in Berlin. It is located in the north of Mitte. I wrote another post about AEG buildings in Schöneweide, east of Berlin, but this site here is even more impressive.

There is a very large hall and other buildings, built by Peter Behrens, from 1910.

What you see today is very impressive, but only a part of the industrial facilities of the time remain.


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