Prague, discovering cubism … and the rest

Photo Catherine Gras

A wonderful mix of eras is what Prague offers its visitors today and my post will take us from cubist buildings to classical Prague, not forgetting a very characteristic means of transport in the city, the tram.

Let’s start with the least known of the three themes of the day: cubism in architecture.

Several buildings from the early 20th century are good examples of this architectural movement. In the historical centre of Prague, you can find the house of the Black Madonna: Černa Madona. There is a café-restaurant and a museum in the building, which allows you to enter and admire its staircase.

Moving away from the centre, in the Vyšehrad district, there are (at least) three cubist buildings. You can’t visit them, but the facades are worth a visit.

Prague is also, of course, all those buildings in the old town and the districts below the castle. Sloping streets, classical buildings, lots of colours on the facades and this makes it even more attractive for the walker.

Not to mention the baroque churches and chapels that can be found in the central districts.

And to finish this second walk in Prague, I invite you to a tram ride. The city has so far preserved tram cars from various eras, let’s hope that this will remain the case in the future, this little old-fashioned air is very charming.

See you next week for my third post on discovering the “modern” architecture of the 1930s and the Art Nouveau buildings.

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