Street art in Berlin

Photo Catherine Gras

Anyone who has ever been to Berlin has certainly noticed that street art is very present in Berlin, whatever the district, in monumental versions, entire facades, or more modest with drawings of just a few centimetres.

I had some prejudices before I moved there, blithely confusing tags, a mode of expression that doesn’t speak to me, with the drawings found here. I’ve become a fan and I’m going to share some of them with you.

Many of the blind facades are filled with these designs.

On the other hand, some forms of expression are really small and you can walk past without noticing them.

Street art is a bit like a rainforest: everything grows on top of each other, the layers overlap, each drawing, each collage can serve as a basis for another.

This is ephemeral art, we won’t see these again, the wall has been completely repainted since I first passed by.

This one hasn’t disappeared completely, it still exists but is now completely hidden behind the wall of a new building, let’s bet that archaeologists will find it one day, preserved, sandwiched between its two buildings.

Abandoned buildings are perfect places and there too ephemeral.

There are all genres, poetic, political, violent, tender …

I invite you to discover another post that will take you to a place in Berlin where we are immersed in street art: Teufelsberg

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