Naples – on the hillside

photo Catherine Gras

Chaotic, dirty, noisy but so incredible! I came back from Naples under the spell of this city. Its narrow streets, full of people, its infernal traffic … but also its churches at every corner and this dense habitat that covers its various hills.

It is this aspect that I want to share with you, these buildings that cling to the sides of the hills with almost no interruption.

Let’s start with a view from the castle hill, an ideal place to appreciate the density of buildings both in the old quarters and in the more modern parts. At the rear, the Vesuvius.

Descending by endless stairs from the castle and heading for the sea.

A little tour then towards the west of the city, along the sea, with this steep and again very built-up coast.

It is almost impossible to reach the sea, you can only see it from the cornice, without almost ever being able to touch it. The big bourgeois residences, more or less maintained, block the access.

And as a bonus, some photos of the site of Herculaneum located about ten kilometres away. This site is also built on the side and the modern city is an extension towards the slopes of Vesuvius. Always the same density of construction.

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