Harbours of Grece

Photo Catherine Gras

To finish this Greek trilogy that started in Athens, some images of villages by the water, out of season.

To start, south of Athens, one of the ports of Piraeus, on a slightly foggy afternoon:

Then on to the Peloponnese with the ports of Nafplio, Epidaurus, Bibali, Tolo … far from the crowds, small ports with a few fishing boats and a few old boats.

At the western end of the Peloponnese, Loutra Killinis, a small village on a sandy cove.

Close to the ancien port of Lepante, a very special construction:

And to finish this tour of the ports, the port of Itea with Mount Parnassus in the background.

There are hundreds more to explore in Greece … everyone can find their favourite place, settle down and take their time …

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