Industrial nostalgia

Photo Catherine Gras

There are many derelict industrial sites in former East German Länder, this is not the case with this one as it is open to visitors and well maintained. These are images frozen in time that I am offering you today, photographs in soft colours.

This is also a modest testimony to a GDR workplace with some propaganda messages still in place.

This site, located in Brandenburg, north of Berlin has a long industrial history. A brickworks has been located on the Mildenberg site since the late 19th century.

At that time Berlin was expanding and needed building materials, so brick factories were to be set up in various places, including this one near the river Havel.

The site, using very modern techniques for its time, remained in operation until 1991.

It was then closed and transformed into a museum, a large part of which is open air.

Even the dust and cobwebs of the time have their place here.

This site belongs to the European Industrial Heritage route and you can find it there:

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