Walk along the Landwehrkanal

Photo Catherine Gras

Water is omnipresent in Berlin. Firstly through its river: the Spree, but also through its many lakes, bridges and canals. The most famous of these is the Landwehrkanal.

Built in the mid-19th century, it lies south of the Spree and is just over 10km long. It connects Friedrichhein to Charlottenburg via Kreuzberg and the Tiergarten.

You can go around by paddle, canoe, kayak … or with larger river shuttles, like those on the Spree. An interesting way to discover the city and its diversity.

The metro lines 1 and 2 follow it or cross it and the view from the water level is striking.

The calm water of the canal is ideal for creating perfect reflections:

One should not imagine that its banks are only made of concrete, it is a place, as often in Berlin, which alternates urbanism and greenery.

There are also two notable examples of 20th century architecture: the Shellhause, to which I dedicated a post recently, and a building that houses the Bauhaus archives. This building, which has been under construction for years, is clearly visible from the water.

And I can’t resist sharing with you some photos taken in February 2021, after a few days of great cold, the canal was frozen. Beautiful reflections…

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