Mountains of Patagonia

Photo Catherine Gras

Travel to the southern hemisphere today, south of Argentina and Chile, in a huge area (by European standards) called Patagonia.

This region is made up of plains and high plateaus, a very indented coastline and beautiful mountains, known to mountaineers from all over the world.

he plains stretch out endlessly and the wind has a field day! The vegetation is rather sparse.

There are many mountain ranges and I offer you some pictures of two of them, on both sides of the border. We are in the extreme south of the Andes chain.

The Fitz Roy massif is mostly on the Argentine side but the border with Chile is close, even passing through the main summit. The summit was first climbed in 1952 by a Frenchman.

From another angle:

The Torres del Paine massif is located in Chile. Again, with its large walls and characteristic shapes, three granite peaks form the most characteristic part of the massif.

The region also has many lakes with beautiful colours.

I will soon take you to the Dolomites in northern Italy, and the similarity will surely strike you.

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