Yorkshire – natural paradise

Yorkshire is a very green English county with many places to enjoy nature.

It is a moorland country (I did two posts on the moor in the UK) but it is also a coastal country, it overlooks the North Sea. I have chosen today to show you pictures of animal colonies: birds and marine mammals.

The coastline is very interesting with many cliffs. One of them, Bempton Cliff, is home to a beautiful seabird colony.

The site is protected and very well developed, and you can see thousands of birds from relatively close by. At the peak of the mating season, it’s fabulous. Noise, strong smells and these cliffs which plunge into the sea, to see!

The loudest and most numerous when I went there: the gannets!

Less numerous and installed next to the gannets, the guillemots:

And those that everyone is looking for without always finding them because they are so few and small: the puffins.

Where to fiind it: https://goo.gl/maps/cjde4V5Wxx1VVACy7

A little further south, on the edge of Lincolnshire, there is a second fabulous animal colony: Donna Nook.

Around October/November seals give birth here and the adults and their pups can be observed from quite close. A wonderful sight.

There are several hundred of them on this beach and only a small area is open to humans, the rest is entirely theirs… and that’s great.

How to find it: https://goo.gl/maps/iPMYFdGkVzRyMAcL9

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