From the Vanoise to the Cerces

lac, photo Catherine Gras

A tour in the French Alps, between the Vanoise and the Cerces. A hike from North to South. A transition from the Northern to the Southern Alps.

There are many ski resorts on the edge of the Vanoise Park, you have to work your way around them, but that’s OK, the mountain is big enough for that. This two-week hike took us from refuge to refuge.

The mountain in July is first of all the flowers, and there were a lot of them this year in the mountain pastures. A little low angle and that’s it, flowers against a blue sky or against the light. A swivel screen on the back of the camera makes life easier, otherwise you end up lying in the grass …

The weather was generally good with occasional fog and clouds.

In particular, one morning we crossed a rocky chaos in a beautiful, thick mist, all sounds were muffled and you had to keep your eyes open to stay on the GR. Fog scarves that came and went.

This resulted in some beautiful, slightly overcast skies and some very nice end-of-day light.

Hiking in the mountains is also the pleasure of small lakes at altitude…

Our hike took us to the Cerces, a small, little-known mountain range, very mineral and with a peak at 3000 metres: Mont Thabor. From the summit, we have a breathtaking view of the surrounding mountains.

Then back down to the Briançon valley, a last look at the meadows and their occupants: animals and plants.

I have other posts on the Alps, the Pyrenees and the Himalayas.

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