Why Leipzig is worth a visit

Photo Catherine Gras

This is another great discovery of this year 2020 where I had to remain close to Berlin. I might as well say straight away that I had prejudices against this city, that I finally went there a little by chance, and that I have changed my mind, it is worth the diversions, even the detours…

It is one of the emblematic cities of the peaceful uprising that led to the fall of Berlin in November 1989. This is already a reason to go there, even if you don’t see much of it.

It’s a city that offers a nice mix of old, modern, contemporary, including some buildings of more pure Soviet concrete style. I propose you two posts to discover or rediscover the city with me.

As often the real old is mixed with the fake, an old rebuilt after the war, or even renovated very recently, sometimes difficult to make the difference.

Just a stone’s throw from the city centre, you can appreciate the post-war Soviet style and even the somewhat later buildings under the GDR regime.

Or even really modern buildings:

It’s a city where you can stroll through the courtyards and many passages between the blocks of buildings. Obviously not very busy on my first visit in 2020 but I have no doubt that it is usually full of people.

In some passages or inner courtyards, we are on real recent and it shows. There too, completely deserted.

See you next week for the second part of this visit to Leipzig.

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