Tour of Mont Blanc (2)

Photo Catherine Gras

The first post was about the western part of the tour, we now continue to the south, between France and Italy.

Low light, late afternoon and morning:

From the Col de la Croix du Bonhomme, the Col des Fours variant passes through a very wild, very mineral valley, frequented by ibex.

The valley continues towards the Col de Seigne which marks the passage into Italy. On this day, we find the view of Mont Blanc that we had left when we left Chamonix and not a day goes by without hearing seracs falling.

A long valley typical of glacial erosion leads to the Courmayeur valley.

The Bertone refuge, located above the town, is a very good site for its view on the massif.

Sunset on the south face of Mont Blanc, from Bertone:

The variant via the Bernard path is a good option for those who like quiet, mineral landscapes and don’t mind a bit of extra climbing. After the view of Mont Blanc, you start to see the Jorasses.

The southern wall of the Jorasses is magnificent, the balcony path offers a breathtaking spectacle:

The border with Switzerland is not far away, see you in the last post of this series to complete the tour.

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