Discovering the small streets of Athens (2/2)

Photo Catherine Gras

Today I invite you to accompany me on a stroll through some of Athens’ neighbourhoods. A visit in two posts, of which this is the second.

The Thiseio district is west of the Acropolis and has beautiful late 19th and early 20th century buildings. A quiet atmosphere, many cafes with views of the Acropolis. At the end of April, this area is filled with the smell of blooming orange trees.

As you go deeper into the alleys, you see the other side of the coin, magnificent buildings awaiting renovation.

The charm of this city lies in its hills, its narrow streets and its lively neighbourhoods. A little walk that is really worthwhile: go to the top of one of these hills to see the city from above:

What would Athens be without its street cats…

The district of Psyri is the ideal place to navigate between street art pieces and café terraces, a narrow, pleasant street, a district in the process of gentrification.

Huge murals:

And then of course, Athens is all about its great monuments, which can be seen everywhere and from everywhere:

If you liked this post, I invite you to read the previous one I published on Athens.

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