U2 in Berlin

Photo Catherine Gras

No, I’m not getting into rock bands… U2 is one of Berlin’s underground lines. It is well known to photographers. Its first stations date back to 1902, the beginning of the Berlin underground.

This line crosses the city, it’s about 20 km long, it starts from the Olympic stadium of 1936 and goes east to Alexanderplatz before turning north. It passes through a station I use regularly: Eberswalder Strasse and it’s for this station that I regularly take pictures of it on Instagram and elsewhere…

This station is a junction of three trams and the metro becomes aerial, a lively and photogenic place.

At night, a different athmosphere:

The surrounding stations are also worth a visit, all of them a little different, as is often the case with the Berlin underground.

The Alexanderplatz station is one of my favourite, sober, blue-green tiles give it a pool-like atmosphere.

In a previous post, I took you on a tour of another line: the U7, whose stations in the western part are very original, still in earthenware.

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