Visiting the moors – a journey through the seasons

Photo Catherine Gras

This is my second post about moorland landscapes I’ve encountered in the UK. Today some light effects and even a bit of snow!

With the seasons, the moor changes colour and the light also becomes different, always interesting to go back several times in the year to the same place and make pictures.

Here is a late autumn view of the Peak District:

In low winter light, it looks like this:

And with the snow, the landscape is transformed again:

Especially as the wind is often quite strong on the summits and will create piles of snow or ice.

Like here at Snowdownia, which is just over 1000m high. But don’t be fooled, even if the altitude is relatively low, the unstable conditions make it a climb that can be complicated, a sunny start does not guarantee an arrival at the summit without fog or ice. The proof in pictures with the descent from the summit, during two different ascents:

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