Kulturforum, are the works finally over?

photo Catherine Gras

The Kulturforum (cultural forum) is located west of Potsdamer Platz, south of the Tiergarten. This is the second post about this beautiful place, the previous post was about the two buildings designed by Hans Sharoun: the philharmonie and the national library.

The esplanade of the Kulturforum under the snow, an unusual view of the place:

The various buildings that make up the square have been added over time, there are two that I find remarkable, besides the Philharmonie of course: the Gemälde Galerie and the Neues Nationalgalerie.

Heading towards the western end of the Forum, the Gemälde Gallerie is reached at the top of the steps, which are themselves a photogenic place.

The museum, white and uncluttered, is elevated above the Philharmonie and from this esplanade one has a beautiful view of the buildings of Potsdamer Platz.

I like less some of the other buildings but this makes it a great concentration of museums and cultural spaces.

The Neues Gallerie by Mies van der Rohe (a Bauhaus architect) is located to the south of the area and has been under construction since … the years and costs of this renovation project are uncountable. But when I passed the area recently, I realised that the work is almost finished.

All the work on the square is not really finished. In any case, the building can be admired from the outside until it reopens in August 2021.

The post about the Philharmonie: https://wherever-it-is.com/2021/04/30/berlin-philharmonie-hans-sharoun/

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